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Roll out the right omni-channel strategy, capitalise on emerging digital commerce opportunities and navigate the intricacies of technology evaluation and selection. Our Strategic eCommerce Consulting services use our deep commerce expertise garnered through years of experience with a variety of platforms and industries, B2B and B2C.

We create the solutions, strategies, roadmaps, organisational models and essential frameworks necessary to meet specific short-term and long-term commerce goals, guiding clients through the execution of these plans. Our comprehensive eCommerce strategy and consulting services emphasise data-driven decision making, leveraging emerging technologies and practices to help clients achieve their desired results.


Our high-value eCommerce consulting service includes the following solutions:

  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Organisational/business readiness
  • Digital opportunity audits
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Platform evaluation and selection
  • Roadmaps and prioritisation frameworks
  • Technology investment optimisation/rationalisation
  • KPI development
  • Management of multiphase global rollouts


Though essential to success, eCommerce consulting services are just one part of a larger eCommerce machine. When combined with agency, technology and operations services, PFS can provide a cohesive, fully End-to-End solution for clients under one roof. If one piece of your eCommerce puzzle is a pain point, it affects every other area of your solution. Our flexible offering is capable of supplying everything your eCommerce business could need, along with our curated, best-of-breed providers on each touchpoint, with just one phone call.